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The future

In winter the hothouse is chock-a-block full of cuttings -- stock for container & field

Fine tools

Beer is often found in the toolbox at the end of a long day.  When time permits, we brew our own.

Knife work

Carefully peeling the bark on a cutting, in preparation for grafting.

Locally sourced, propagated, grown...


Special Project  

History + Planning + Propagation = Sustainability

In 2014, it became apparent that a sycamore, locally-known as the "Moon Tree" and growing on Paper Products Co. property since 1992, could not be preserved under the design needs of Cincinnati's Lick Run Conveyance System, a massive stormwater management project.

Lagergren Nursery is ensuring the tree's historic genetics will endure.  Cuttings have been made for both rooting and grafting, and seedlings have been started.  Design for the finished project will incorporate these offspring as part of the green infrastructure -- providing hydrologic and eco-system benefits unattainable via grey (concrete) infrastructure.  We think this is a great future for a legacy tree!

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Lagergren Nursery is a top-notch source of locally-grown perennials, shrubs and trees for wholesale and retail buyers in southwest Ohio.  In business and caring for the same land for more than 40 years, we cater to the small landscaper, arborists, public gardens, municipalities, and

homeowners. We offer a wide-ranging selection of quality material, known to perform in this region, including many selections from the Proven Winners collection. 

If you've got clients that are looking for something out of the ordinary, or who've been bitten by the collecting bug, check our Availability.  And if you don't see it there, ask.  We indulge an interest in the rare and unusual that, due to limited quantities, simply isn't included on the annual list.  You never know what we might be growing this year.