Lagergren Nursery

Fall is the BEST time for planting... and a SALE!! 

The soil is warm and while top growth is getting ready to go dormant, the roots ARE NOT!!  Nope, this is the season that root growth is at it's most robust -- staking out territory for next year.  And it's SO much nicer working in warm, crumbly soil.  Get a jump start on 2020, and avoid planting in cold, often soggy soil. 

Still looking for pollinator plants?  Hosts for caterpillars, nectar plants for the winged stages -- we've some of everything.  At upper right, click the list thumbnail to download our pollinator-coded plant list and start planning (codes on last page).  Find more detail at Gardens with Wings and in this regional guide from

On the dates below, all trees, shrubs and perennials will be discounted, retail and wholesale.  AND, if you purchase a tree, any perennials purchased will be discounted another 10%.  It would be crazy to skip this sale! 

Date!  Time!  Location!!

Need directions?  Google can help... appointments needed during Sale Days.